To make a reservation for a bungalow or pitch the following conditions will have to be accepted.

The reservation is personal and not transferable. Once we receive the down payment the reservation is fixed. The dates of the reservation can not be changed (neither shortened nor lengthened) and the booked time period has to be paid entirely. The campsite reserves itself the right to change the accommodation at any point in time and to offer the customer an equivalent accommodation instead.

Equipment Bungalow:
Equipped with cutlery and kitchen utensils for the number of places according to the contracted model. Cleaning utensils and courtesy pack.

Sheets and towels, chair and baby cot are optional and must be requested when making the reservation. Delux bungalow sheets and towels are included

Check-in /out Bungalow:
The bungalow will be available for check in from 16 pm. at 20 pm.  In the case of arriving later the reception must be informed beforehand.

Check out must be 9 am to 11 am on the day fixed in the contract.

Only one vehicle is allowed per bungalow.

Check-in/ out Pitch:
This pitch will be available for check in from 12.00h to  13:30h and from 16:00h to  20:00h. In the case of arriving later the reception must be informed beforehand.

Check out must be 9 am to 12 am on the day fixed in the contract.
The camping reserves the right to change the assigned pitch. It will be mandatory to have at least civil liability insurance. If gas is available, a copy of the Periodic Review Certificate and policy must be presented to reception.

Pets are allowed in most of the bungalows but NOT in all. You must notify at the time of booking. Includes supplement. Maximum 2 animals per accommodation. Presenting with one or two dogs without having previously reserved may imply the cancellation of the reservation without the right of return.

We do not accept dogs considered PPP (potentially dangerous) under current legislation.

The client with a dog agrees to take the following safety and hygiene measures:

  1. Inside all the camping grounds and in the common spaces I will always carry my dog ​​on a leash.
  2. I have an updated health card and civil liability insurance contracted that covers compensation for damages my dog ​​may cause to people, things or other animals.
  3. I will not leave my dog ​​alone inside a bungalow, caravan or tent.
  4. I will not allow my dog ​​to disturb other campers with barking or other actions.
  5. If my dog ​​does his needs inside the camping area, he will collect and throw in the red container located at the entrance.
  6. In case of not complying with any of these rules, I promise to leave the campsite with my dog ​​immediately and will not claim the amount of the unfinished stay.

The occupation may not exceed in any case the number of places admitted according to the model.
Complementary tents are not allowed next to the bungalow.

Payment and deposit will be 50% of the reservation amount and can be made by credit card at the same time as the Online reservation.

The signal is received, the reservation will be confirmed in writing (e-mail). The rest of the pending amount will be paid at the time of check in. Cadí Vacances reserves the right to charge 100% of the total stay on certain dates or on reservations with special conditions.

Security deposit in bungalows: € 50 per bungalow or cabin. It will be returned after a review of the inventory and cleaning of the accommodation. In case of damage or lack of cleaning, the corresponding amount will be invoiced.

Cancellation of contract.
If the bungalow or pitch is not occupied by the owner before 8:00 p.m. on the contracting date without prior written notice to the email:, the contract will be automatically canceled, which will entail the loss of the amount delivered. In case of leaving the accommodation or pitch before the scheduled date, there will be no refund. Cadí Vacances reserves the right to rehire the bungalow or pitch.

Cancellation without cancellation insurance:
If the reservation is cancelled between 15 and 30 days before arrival 50% of the down payment will be lost.
In case of a cancellation occurring less than 15 days before arrival 100% will be lost.

Cancellations must be made in writing either via email:

Cancellation with cancellation insurance:
It must be communicated in writing by email to: and Cadí Vacances will process, together with the insurer, the cancellation.

The events that will result in costs being refunded are those specified below, provided these occur after the reservation has been made and directly affect the Insured:
Cover 1: Serious illness, serious accident or death, unexpected call for surgery, complications in pregnancy or miscarriage or organ transplant appointment for the Insured, spouse, first or second degree descendants or companion registered for the reservation or medical quarantine affecting the Insured.
The Insured, his or her spouse, first or second degree ascendants or descendants, parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers or sisters- in-law, children-in-law, parents-in-law or common law partner.
The companion of the Insured, registered for the same reservation.For the purposes of the insurance cover, the following definitions shall be used:
Serious illness of the Insured: alteration in health, confirmed by a medical professional, that forces the Insured to remain in bed and involves stopping any activity, professional or private.
Serious accident of the Insured: any bodily injury that results from a violent, sudden, external cause unintended by the injured party, whose consequences stop the Insured from leaving his or her habitual residence under normal circumstances.
When the illness or accident affects any of the aforementioned persons other than the Insured, this will be understood as serious when it involves hospitalisation or risk of imminent death.
Any consequences of illness or accident occurring prior to the date the insurance policy was taken out or resulting from pre-existing illnesses are excluded.
In accordance with the terms and conditions of this insurance policy, the insured death that results in entitlement to compensation must have occurred at most 10 days before the date the journey is to begin and always after the date the policy has come into force.
Cover 2: Serious injury as a consequence of theft, fire or other similar causes that affect the residence of the Insured.
The habitual and/or second residence of the Insured.
The professional premises where the Insured carries out his or her independent profession or is the direct user (manager).And that necessarily involves the Insured being present.
Cover 3: Dismissal of the Insured from his or her employment, provided there had been no verbal or written communication at the start of the insurance policy.
Cover 4: The Insured being called as a part or member of a jury or witness in a court hearing or as a member of an electoral board.
Cover 5: Acts of piracy in the air, on land or sea that make it impossible for the Insured to start or continue his or her journey. All terrorist acts are excluded.
Cover 6: Theft of documentation or luggage that makes it impossible for the Insured to start or continue his or her journey.
Cover 7: Due to a breakdown or accident involving the vehicle owned by the Insured or his or her spouse that prevents the journey from being duly started.
This cover is limited to invoices for repairing the vehicle in excess of €600 and/or a period of repair accredited by an expert greater than 8 hours.
Cover 9: The Insured being called to present and sign official documents, known and notified in writing after the journey has been reserved.
This policy has a waiting period of 30 days. Moreover, no cover is provided for persons aged over 70.
This leaflet is entirely for guidance purposes only and under no circumstances can it be considered as defining the cover taken out or its limits.

See the complete cancellation insurance policy

Opening and closing of services and facilities 2020:

Non-school days *: The service building (showers, etc.) and the main building with the reception, the bar, restaurant, SPA, shop and games room will remain open according to their corresponding hours, except for the Christmas calendar and local holidays . Cadí Vacances reserves the right to close its facilities and services due to justified force majeure.

Christmas Calendar:
From December 18 to 23: Open service building and closed main building.
December 24-26: Everything closed.
From December 27 to January 5: All open.
Three Kings Day, January 6: Open service building and closed main building. The campsite will close the doors at 9pm.
On January 7: Everything closed.

* Non-school days are considered days without school. That is, on weekends (from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) and all those days that children do not have school during the Christmas and Easter holidays, summer holidays, long weekends and holidays.

The pool opens from San Juan to September 11. Cadí Vacances reserves the right to close the pool due to risk of thunderstorm or justified force majeure.

Prices shown are subject to change based on availability and may rise. Our prices include TAX.