Picasso Center

The spring of year 1906 the painter Pablo Picasso settled in Gósol. During two months and a half the people and the landscapes of this corner of the Pyrenees inspired the work of the artist.

At once, the cloths burst into different tonality of ocher, pictorial periode that receives the name of, the Ochres of Gósol. The reddish land of clay that he finds in Gósol and of the one that tiles were made, inspired him, surely, inhis reddish ochres.

The sculpture of the Major square of Gósol reminds us of the serene and enigmatic face of “La dona dels pans”, considered as the particular Gioconda of Picasso. The Picasso Center of Gósol picks up the most representative exhibition of the three hundred and two works that claim to the period “gosolà” of the artist, the originals, that are distributed for different museums of Europe and of the United States. We can also contemplate there the daily utensils of the period like the midwives, the pitchers of oil, the lights to frighten wolves, the spinner …

Schedule: on Saturdays from 10 to 14 hr and from 16 to 19 hr, on Sundays from 10 to 14 hr


Today it is possible to relive the journey which Picasso and his partner Fernande made to arrive to Gósol, thanks to a signposted path and named like “Camí Picasso”, which starts in the monastery of “Sant Llorenç” near “Bagà”

Fernande Olivier, that she accompanied Picasso in this adventure, explained in her memories the impression that the path makes to her: “To arrive at it, it was necessary to make vertical an itinerary of some hours on top of a mule, for surrounded paths, of a side, a wall of rocks that massacred your hands and knees, while of the other side a deep precipice forced us to close the eyes to win the vertigo. Those precipices did not worry the mules the most minimum, carefuly, and of who you could trust. In a precise moment I sensed how the girths of the saddle were loosened and I slipped dangerously backward. Luckily, the carrier, once alerted, came to reposit the saddle, the mule and to me.”

The summer of 1906 Fernande Olivier i Picasso, Left Gósol for the “Pas dels Gosolans”, “Camí de París”, with the fabrics rolled up and fixed on the packsaddle of a mule.