5. Ossera: a village reinvented by artisans

Ossera is an artisan village in the Vansa valley, located on top of a hill. If you get there, you can walk through its streets and discover the workshops of the producers and artisans who make their products.

You can taste jams from the Cal Casal era, have a herbal tea in the Cal Nogué botanical garden or taste a piece of cheese in the Cal Codina dining room. In addition, you can walk around the ceramics and sculpture exhibition room of Nico’s workshop, where you can also see and buy pieces of Tèxtil Jové made with pedal looms. Then, the route will take you to visit the Espai Jaume, which will allow you to get lost in a labyrinth of shapes and colors to make your imagination fly.

Towards the middle of the 19th century, the village of Ossera, in Alt Urgell, had a population of more than a hundred people. Half a century later, only 10 remained. But from 1978, a group of artisans settled in the town. They came from various countries (such as the Netherlands or Switzerland) and also from the Barcelona area. The reasons why they settled there are very diverse but there are some shared: the search for a simpler life, in full contact with nature and in which the priority was the really important things. , which cannot be bought with money.

Cal Casal jams

My name is Núria and since 1979 I have lived in this small town in the pre-Pyrenees.
I started making jams and preserves for the family, I had to keep the flavors of summer and autumn for the long winter days, waiting for the spring fruits. I work from home and I hope that when you try them, you will notice this special taste of a product made in the mountains.
One thing leads to another, workshop, records, labels and now I make more than 80 jams, jellies, chutneys, pâtés, .. in an artisanal way and in many cases of small production.

Herbalist Nogué

We have been cultivating and harvesting aromatic and medicinal plants in the village of Ossera for over 30 years. The mountain climate and the careful craftsmanship, planting, harvesting, drying and handling guarantee you plants with all their aroma and best properties as well as the certificate of organic farming.

In Ossera you can visit our herbalist’s where you can find our aromatic and medicinal plants, as well as dried flowers, cosmetics, ointments, tinctures, essential oils… and products from other local artisans such as honey and beers…

We also have a botanical garden where you can recognize medicinal plants in situ and try our infusions, organic juices or craft beers surrounded by the aromas of the garden and overlooking the Cadí.