SPA Adults Only (+18 years)

Access to the heated pool, sensation shower, sauna
Finnish and the relaxation area.

Family SPA

Access to the heated pool, sensation shower


          Rates 1 hour
                   Visiting    Clients
+17 years      16€            8€
from 2 to 17   8€            4€
-2 years           FREE

Necessary: swimsuit, hat, small sauna towel, large towel or bathrobe and
flip flops.

Reservation time required:

636 066 465



Complete a fantastic day of relaxation with a massage that will free you from all tensions. Trust in the hands of the massagist Laura Coronas and awaken to new sensations of well-being.

For massages  we warn you that it is necessary to reserve day and time before arrival at Cadí Vacances.

Phone reservations: (+34) 608.337.293 Laura Coronas

Massage 50 ‘

Relaxing massage

Relieving massage

Foot reflexology

Circulatory massage


Ito-Thermie it’s a Japanese therapy based on the warmth and the smell like therapeutic elements. Instead of using the fingers for stimulating the skin they use two metallic tubes in which at the inside they put some wands of incens with elaborated and curative herbs, that are consume little by little. The therapist keeps on gliding these tubes over the skin of the person following the meridians of acupuncture and the musculature. In this way the skin is stimulated through heat, pressures and frictions. Moreover, the therapeutic properties take advantage of the smoke that the skin absorbs during the treatment. The benefits are: increase of the energy, relaxation of the musculature, it stimulates the immunological system, it activates the nervous system, it activates the circulation and the lymphatic system, calm, relaxes and pacify the mind.

KI-ASAI  massage

The tensions are the origin of the demonstration of what normally we call illness or non normal state of health. Ki-Asai it frees the deepest tensions. The practice active the mechanism of curing of any tension-anomaly-illness, even though we do not know the origin, the simptomes or the diagnosis of the pathology. It helps to improve at phisycal level it improves the blood circulation, oxygenates the cells, it flexibilizes the articulations. It helps to alleviate the Migraine, bronchitis, maldigestion, pains of lumbago and arthrosis. At mental level it alleviate the worries and the stress of our daily life, anxiety, stress, depression. At spititual level it helps to alleviate our responsibility, it inspires us to the creativity, it gives joy in our daily life and it makes to outcrop our more human feelings.